Isard - Promesa

Per continuar córrer a les muntanyes, hem de gestionar els nostres recursos de manera diferent. La roba esportiva d' són accessoris de córrer fabricats amb materials duradors i de baix impacte. Ens assegurem que durin en el temps, mantenim els plàstics d'un sol ús fora del nostre entorn i impulsem la circularitat mentre produïm amb el menor impacte ambiental possible.
  • ISARD, performance running apparel


    ISARD running gears are developed and designed for intense and long runs in the great outdoors. The Pyrenees are our playground and the exigence of mountain conditions defines the requirement of our trail running product. For these reasons, when we build a running t-shirt, a running sock or a running short, we think about key elements such as freedom of movement, lightweight and breathing sensation, temperature management, resistance and comfort. Everything needed to carry you all the way in your adventures.

  • Isard, Low impact running apparel


    The outdoor sport industry should be leading the transformation towards durability and we want to be part of that change. This is why every product we build is based around the idea that it should have the lowest possible impact. All use cases are different and this is why each ISARD running garment has its own story. Our running t-shirt is 100% recycled made from plastic bottles, our trail running socks are made from recycled abandoned fishing nets. Our designs are also timeless in order to avoid any fashion trends. Buy less, for longer.


    All our running garments are produced in Europe under strict european working regulations and standards. We also produce under labels such as GRS (Global Recycling Standards) or Econyl. We have a fully integrated european production process and work with different actors across the supply chain. To further lower our impact, we minimise packaging and tags, use biodegradable bags and deliver by muscle when possible :) 

"Because we ALL need to start somewhere"

We know we are not perfect yet and there is some work, but this is why we are in it. Our project is to understand and work with the supply chain to improve point by point every step of the way and become as neutral as possible to offer the best alternatives to the fast fashion industry. If it is possible, let’s do it !