Trail Running Sock - Peülla

  • Performance

    Designed for trail running, compressive, pretect, breath in the specific areas

  • Recycled

    Recycles Fishing nets

    Less energy & keeps them out of oceans and landfills

  • Low Impact

    Made in europe

    Timeless design

Peülla, the recycled trail running sock.

Not just a Running Sock. At ISARD we worked with our partners to launch a unique low impact sock specifically for Trail running. The Peülla trail running sock is made from recycled and abandoned fishing nets, so not only it keeps the nets outside of beaches or ocean, but it also uses less energy to be produced since the raw material already exist. This textiile is also aquaphobic, confortable and highly resistant to abrasion. The Peülla recycled running sock was designed specifically for trail running with a strong ankle compression for a better maintenance, as well as extra cushinnong in areas prone to rubbing and specal breathing areas.